Flux cored wire line control system.

  1. The line consists of an unwinding device, a system of profiling rollers, a batcher unit, a stacker and a pulling device.
  2. Finished coil size: inner diameter – 600 mm, outer – 1050 – 1350 mm, height – 600 – 830 mm. The diameter of the wire is 9-16 mm. The length of the wire in the bundle is 2000 – 5500 m.
  3. The rewinder is equipped with an alternating current motor with a power of 30 kW, 1490 rpm.
    Mechanical drive (belt drive and gearbox) is used to reduce up to 2.4 m / s. The possibility of a smooth start and a stepless regulation of the rotational speed of the drive shaft in the range of 0.1 – 2.4 m / s using a frequency converter is provided. The load margin for the converter is taken into account.
  4. The control panel on the rewinder displays the following parameters:
    a. Angular speed of rotation of the coil, rev / sec.
    b. Linear wire speed, m / s
    Controls on the rewinder panel:
    c. ON button.
    d. Shaft speed regulation (stepless);
    e. Emergency STOP button.
  5. The stacker is powered by a 3.0 kW 1490 rpm motor, the conversion of torque into translational motion is carried out using a pair of screw-nut.

It is possible to move the stacker carriage to a predetermined distance when the coil is turned by 1 revolution. The distance can vary from 9 to 16 mm. 1 turn of the coil. Stepless regulation. The distance is set by the line operator. It is possible to smoothly adjust the linear movement speed by the operator without stopping the line. The coil height can be 600 or 830 cm. Depending on the coil height, the number of wire turns is determined, upon reaching which the stacker will reverse.

Also, the reverse can be made by the operator forcibly. It is possible to select the mode of forced movement of the carriage in both directions when the winding device is off.

The operator panel (touch panel) displays the following information:

  • Wire diameter
  • Spool height.
  • Current angular speed of the coil (rps)
  • Linear wire speed, m / s.
  • The number of turns per row and the number of the current turn.
  • Amount of wire per session, meters.
  • Current row.

Control commands on the touch panel:

  1. On
  2. Start
  3. Setting the wire diameter, mm – 2 decimal places
  4. Setting the spool height, see
  5. Smooth increase – decrease linear speed.
  6. Manual reverse.
  7. Manual movement of the carriage left-right.
  8. Button to reset data on the number of rows and wire length per session.
  9. Stacker stop
  10. General stop line.

Additional remote control – on flexible connection (cable):

  1. Manual reverse.
  2. Auto-manual control mode
  3. Move carriage left-right
  4. Gradually increasing – decreasing the linear speed of the stacker.
  5. Stop.
  6. Dispenser control.

The material filling system consists of three dispensers. The speed of rotation of the output shaft depends on the supplied material and the desired amount, grams per meter of wire.

The angular speed depends on the linear speed of the wire, which is removed from the sensor located after the forming stands, in front of the stacker.

The batching system has an emulation mode for each batcher, in which the batcher fills in material equivalent to 10 meters of wire.

On tach- panel dosing system check the following values:

  • Current linear velocity, meters per second.
  • Wire length per session.
  • For each dispenser, the filled material and the amount of material, grams per meter.
  • For each metering unit, the angular velocity of the drive shaft (data from the controller, without additional sensors)
  • Amount of material loaded in the current session.
  • The amount of material for each metering unit and the amount of wire on a cumulative basis (reset to zero by entering the tolerance key).


  1. On
  2. Setting for each dispenser, sequentially:
  3. Select material from the list;
  4. Amount of material, g / m;
  5. Turn on emulation mode;
  6. Ending the dispenser setting mode.
  7. For each dispenser – increase / decrease the amount of material by 1 m / s (+ – buttons).
  8. Switching off the dispensers – 3 buttons
  9. General stop – emergency button.
  10. Button to reset the current session.
  11. Access key for zeroing data for the period.

Part of the equipment:

  1. Control cabinet ШУ-1 including:
    • Rewinder control DA1 EATON 30 kW frequency inverter DA1-34061FB-B55C
    • Stacker control DA1 EATON 7.5 kW frequency inverter DA1-34018FB-A20C
    • Batching control frequency converter DA1 EATON 1.5 kW DA1-344D1FB-A20C
  2. Control panel of the winder-stacker PU-2 consisting of:
    • PLC EATON XV-102-D8-57TVRC-10
    • UR20 remote I / O modules allow hot-swappable hot-swappable operation.
    • E40S6 encoders
    • limit switches LS-11
    • remote control
  3. Dispenser control panel PU-1 consisting of:
    • PLC EATON XV-102-D8-57TVRC-10
    • UR20 remote I / O modules are hot-swappable without power-down.