Oil shop automation

The control system is designed for operational monitoring and control of technological parameters of the extraction line, and also includes automation of the following technological blocks:

  • Extraction;
  • Distillation;
  • Absorption;

The temperature of miscella, oil, steam, hexane is measured using temperature sensors. The magnitude of the vacuum is measured by vacuum gauge pressure gauges. Level measurement in the apparatus of the system is provided by electronic pressure sensors and a radar level gauge.

The motors are controlled by Eaton DC1 frequency converters.

To implement the work of technological units, the equipment of the companies “Mikrol” and “Eaton” is used. XV-102 controller and discrete and analog input / output modules ITM-16N, MTP-8N and XN300, respectively.

The technological process is controlled from the controller screen. The display and archiving of data on the automated workstation (AWP) of the operator is also performed.